Modernize and grow your accounting business.

CountUp platform helps you find more clients, grow your brand and save time managing your engagements.




Sing up and CountUp will automatically generate a branded Web App for your business. If you already have a website, you can enhance it with a branded registration page that captures client payments and sign ups for your Web App. You can also link this page to your emails, proposals, social media and more, to on-board clients from virtually anywhere. 

Once your clients sign up, they can log in with their own credentials to manage projects, purchase additional services, view invoices, submit documents, message, post reviews, schedule meetings and more - all through your branded Web App. 

From your own account: manage client registrations, projects, billings, and collaborations while on-the-go. Don't worry about reaching out to clients for payments, or logging transactions in your accounting system - everything is done for you automatically in the background.

Automate payments

Create payment plans for your services to instantly start accepting one-time and recurring payments online. Clients are able to pay from any device and when they do, they are automatically registered as client users on your Web App. The funds are transferred to your connected bank account within 2 days.  All major credit cards and ACH deposits are supported. Powered by Stripe.

Impress clients

Your clients can log in anytime to manage projects, purchase additional services, view invoices, share files, instant message, leave reviews and more - all through your branded Web App. Your App will become the principal interface for everything engagement-related in one place, available to your clients 24/7 from any device.

Automate admin work

By letting your clients take action online, you will you spend less time on-boarding new clients, chasing them for payments and answering repetitive questions about the engagement. Your App will become your virtual assistant, automatically prompting clients to process payments, upload required documents, schedule meetings, post recommendations and more.

Find new clients

CountUp Marketplace makes it easy for you to grow your accounting business by matching you with new clients in your area who need your specific services. Create your profile and we'll send you a detailed request whenever someone's interested. 

Recurring billing

Accept one-time and recurring payments online. Auto-charge and generate electronic invoices. All major debit and credit card are supported. Powered by Stripe.

Client onboarding

Enhance your website with a branded registration page that captures client payments and sign ups for your Web App. If you don't have a website you can generate one with CountUp.

Client portal

Clients are able to manage projects, process payments, view invoices, share files, instant message, leave reviews and more - all through your branded Web App.

Verified reviews

Automatic prompts for registered clients to leave feedback. Build up your reputation online, increase referrals and get more clients.

Manage projects, export invoices, issue refunds, automatically send out marketing messages to all or select few clients and respond to client requests while on-the-go.

Client management

Instant messenger

Easy and encrypted communication with your clients. Log important client information. Provide your clients with 24/7 access to you without intruding with texts/calls.

Secured environment

Secure transactions, file-sharing and communications using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and AES 256 bits encryptions.

Online calendar

Enable your clients to self-book a meeting from your online calendar. Email reminders eliminate missed calls and automatically handle reschedules.

Document management

Exchange and organize PDF documents, scanned files from your phone, and any other file format, with unlimited storage. Powered by Amazon S3.

Web App Features

"CountUp helps me build deeper relationships with my clients because I provide them with all the necessary financial information through my Web App. They can access this info, communicate, and pay me anytime from any device! This is truly the best and the easiest way to modernize your practice. Highly recommend!"

Charles Browning       CPA

"CountUp is the perfect place to build up your reputation online. All client reviews are verified and CountUp Support is always there to answer clients' technical questions. Love the transparency and freedom to work from anywhere."

George Prytulla    CPA

In 2016 we launched an online marketplace matching curated accountants from our network with startups and small businesses that needed accounting help. We quickly realized a lot of accountants themselves wanted to use our tools to manage their own clients and projects. So we are releasing our platform empowering accounting professionals and firms with all the tools they need to better manage their business!

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